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Girls In Wet White T Shirts : T Shirt Designer Tool.

Girls In Wet White T Shirts

girls in wet white t shirts

    wet white
  • Wet white tanning refers to organic tanning methods. The biosynthetics used to tan the leather, which result in a semi-finished leather that looks white-tinted.

  • Hides and skins with the hair or wool removed and preserved after a light aluminium tannage. More stable than pickle. Increasingly used as an intermediate stage for transporting and selling hides and skins.

    t shirts
  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • A female child

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Girl Splashing in Swimming Pool

Girl Splashing in Swimming Pool

Top 10 Waterparks in America

Schlitterbahn Waterpark - With over 3 miles of tubing adventures, 7 children’s water playgrounds,17 water slides, the world’s first surfing machine, and 3 uphill water coasters, Schlitterbahn has plenty to please everyone in the family!

Typhoon Lagoon - Dive into an exotic, tropical paradise where families can escape to high waves of excitement and cool, relaxing fun. The fun takes place at the foot of Mt. Mayday. Body surf in an over 10,000-cubic-metre (2.75-million-gallon) wave pool. Zip down awesome body slides. Feeling brave? You can even swim with real, live sharks!

Disney's Blizzard Beach - Florida sun meets alpine snow in the coolest Water Park around. Legend has it that a freak snowstorm resulted in Florida's first ski resort, but when temperatures rose, the Florida sun turned the ski runs into water slides. Now, the thrills peak high atop some of the highest slides on earth.

Wet 'n Wild - The largest water park in both the Carolinas is the place to cool off, get sun and have fun. With over 34 rides and attractions, there's something for everyone…from mild to wild…from tots to seniors. It's family friendly and the young kids (and mom and dad, too) will have a great time in Splash Island and Happy Harbor, our two large children's areas. When you're ready to kick back and relax after enjoying the over 3 million gallons of water fun, Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe offers an abundance of lounge chairs and shaded areas.

Raging Waters - Northern California 's Largest Waterpark, offers 23-acres and millions of gallons of family fun and attractions, including the newest ride Dragon's Den. Raging Waters features thrilling high-speed slides, and family attractions like the 350,000-gallon Wave Pool and The Pirate's Cove- an interactive themed water fort. Raging Waters is located off Tully Road on the grounds of beautiful Lake Cunningham Regional Park in San Jose and is easily accessible from major highways.

Noah's Ark - With more than 60 water-based fun activities available, Noah's Ark is the place for water in the Midwest. Rides include: Black Anaconda which is over 1/4 mile long. Six hair-raising climbs. 30 mph spiraling drops and the Stingray which is the only double slide of its kind in the country! You can ride single or double facing your partner.

SplashTown Waterpark - is 20 landscaped acres of cool, clean water excitement just three minutes North of downtown on IH-35 at the Splashtown exit! San Antonio's family waterpark has something fun for every age. The incredible Kid's Kove is an extensive Kiddie Area featuring scaled-down rides, slides and attractions just for our youngest guests. Splashtown offers more than 50 rides and attractions including the Siesta Del Rio, a relaxing river ride plus the largest Wave Pool in South Texas. Splashtown proudly presents the seven story Lone Star Luge. This exciting ride will send you twisting and sliding the length of two football fields. And don't forget Starflight, a soaring double-tube trip through total darkness for a state of the art thrill!

Water Country - Thrill seekers are challenged by the breaking waves and speed slides. But, you can relax in the sanctuary of Adventure River, our swimming pools, and shady lounge areas. Bring family and friends together on the five person raft rides and slide together on four other speed slides or get dumped on together at the Tahiti Tree house.

WATER WORLD - is one of America's largest family waterparks, is located just 15 minutes north of downtown Denver, Colorado, on 64 beautifully landscaped acres. Water World is celebrating it's 26th year of operation. The park features the biggest variety of attractions (42) in America, from Wally World for the tots, to Voyage to the Center of the Earth for the entire family. Water World has more family tube rides than any other park in America. Thrill rides are in abundance also, like the Red Line speed slide. Plenty of picnic areas are available, from covered pavilions to beautifully landscaped grass areas.

White Water - Awaiting thrill seekers this season is the park’s newest and most popular attraction, Tornado. Groups of riders can again challenge this amazing storm of a ride that begins its twists and turns from a platform 75 feet in the air. Daring riders travel down a 132-foot long tunnel splashing back and forth on 5,000 gallons of swirling and swishing water.

Thoughts of Haiti

Thoughts of Haiti

This week's earthquake in Haiti, and its terrifying aftermath, have reminded me so much of my own trip there 30 years ago next summer. I've never been anywhere like it before or since. Not even Nevis or St. Martin, both in the Caribbean like Haiti, could even touch the squalor of Haiti.

I went in 1980 for ten days with the church youth fellowship (and youth fellowships from one or two other churches) on a work camp. We worked in the mornings painting interiors of a church and a school, and spent the afternoons sightseeing.

We stayed at the Villa Rocourt, a modest missionary hotel compound in Port au Prince, run by the Rocourt family. M. Rocourt was one of the great pianists of Haiti, and had two highly polished spinets in their tiny parlor. (I was one of two privileged people who got to hear M. Rocourt and one of our counselors sight-read Vivaldi piano duets -- exciting!) The compound was made up of four or five one- or two-story buildings and a swimming pool, all ringed by a high wall topped with broken glass and barbed wire.

So many memories:
-- standing on a rickety chair painting a white wall, looking down, and seeing the thinnest black arm sticking through a hole to touch my leg. I nearly fell off my chair in surprise! (We blonds were a source of fascination to the local children because of our coloring.) The contrast of that white wall and that thin thin black arm . . . (They had to lock us inside the church so the children wouldn't bother us.)

-- standing outside Fort St. Jacques, high in the mountains outside Port au Prince, and looking down to see the rich red earth of the fields and the deep rugged green of the jungle combine with the cottony grey of the clouds. And then the heavens opened up and we nearly drowned in the downpour!

-- sitting on the roof over the Villa Rocourt dining room one night and seeing a gigantic cruise ship all lit up in the harbor.

-- the alley we had to walk on the way to the church we were painting was a market on dry days and a sewer on wet days. I'll never forget seeing baskets of rice and limes, and raw meat set out for sale on a board.

-- seeing a little girl defecate on the sidewalk in front of the Presidential Palace.

-- going to a tiny church outside Cap Haitien one Sunday and the beauty of their little choir. We, too, were asked to sing, but didn't make as good an impression. The English preacher gave his sermon in Creole and English.

-- weeping on the pink and green veranda of the Brise de Mer in Cap Haitien (our hotel there, also the Danish consulate) and being consoled by one of the girls because She On Whom I Had Set My Heart just wanted to be friends. Thank goodness I'm not 16 any more! Hearing that hurts just as much, but I don't have to cry over it.

-- the arduous journey to the Citadel, a large French Colonial fort outside Cap Haitien, and helping push to very fat girls up the final stone ramp outside the entrance. A vendor there was selling bottled strawberry soda out of a dirty cooler filled with filthy water. I don't really like strawberry soda, but that one was beautiful!

-- All the posters, billboards, placards, etc. celebrating the marriage of Baby Doc Duvalier and Michele Bennett, his evil wife. They were everywhere!

So much and so much comes back. The children I saw then would be in their 30s now, and if they've lived through this latest catastrophe, have unendurable hardships to face.

This painting is one of two or three souvenirs that I still have from that trip. I recall I purchased it at the Iron Market in Port au Prince. I loved it at the time because then my bedroom was white, navy blue, chrome, and glass. Somewhere I have a wooden etagere carved with fish (that I got for two old shirts and a pair of sneakers in front of the hotel) and a covered wooden vase/jar that I use to keep things in.

All the photos I took on that trip are somewhere in my parent's attic. I hope I can ferret them out on my next trip home.

girls in wet white t shirts

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